A brief history of our school

The school opened its door for students in 1951 when The Technical College and The Vocational School were brought to life. At the beginning our school was given the building at 30 Śniadeckich Street. However, in 1967 it moved to the brand new building at 14 Zagórska Street where it has been operating until today.

The first "leader" of the school was Maria Krzymuska. In 1955 the function of the headmaster was taken over by Stanisław Gołdyn. He held his office for 9 years. In 1964 the office was taken over by Jan Sałek who was in charge of the school for nearly 17 years. The following headmasters became: Edward Detka from 1981 and three years later Stanisław Durlik. During the years 1984-1992 Marek Sawadro was appointed a headmaster. Since 2013 Małgorzata Banasik-Rusak has been serving as a headmistress.

The teaching staff and possible ways of learning

From the early days of the school the emphasis was placed on a high level of learning and education. It may not be easy at first but we are sure that the school students have chosen will give them essential knowledge and practical skills that are crucial for their future job. It is possible owing to the excellent teaching staff and internships in restaurants both at the seaside and the Masurian Lakes. We employ over 60 teachers who cooperate with nearly 600 students attending 4 year technical college and 3 year vocational school. We offer to lower secondary school graduates learning in:

4 year Technical College as a:

Extended subjects: geography, English
Achieved qualifications:
• Waiter service.
• Organisation of gastronomic services.

II. FOOD TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN (after finishing the school our graduate can work in various firms of food industry e.g. confectionery, bakery, meat processing industries, laboratories etc.)
Extended subjects: biology, ICT
Achieved qualifications:
• Confectionary production.
• Organisation and supervising of food production.

III. NUTRITION AND GASTRONOMIC SERVICES TECHNICIAN ( our graduate can work in catering/gastronomy industry)
Extended subjects: biology, English
Achieved qualifications:
• Dishes and drinks preparation.
• Organisation of nutrition and gastronomic services.

3-year Vocational School as a:


More fact files

In order to link the long past with the bright future our school continues the tradition of classical education and at the same time it shapes social culture and creativity of its students. In order to achieve that purpose many initiatives have been created at our school only to mention our school newspaper "Przewałek" or the annual charity actions for children from the local orphanage. For students interested in Polish there are organized theatrical workshops or classes dealing with writing a good script. Students keen on foreign languages can develop their skills creating, e.g. cookery books and the students good at Maths can compete for the title of The Maths Master. There are only a few possibilities given to choose from extra activities offered to our youth because the school organizes also subject trips to museums, galleries, theatres and scientific institutes.

Since many years our students have become the finalists and prize-winners of numerous competitions in branches connected with food industry. Moreover, the students of our school have also achieved excellent results in sports events such as athletics, volleyball, football or table tennis tournaments.

Apart from these, the students are able to broaden their skills taking part in great variety of courses only to mention molecular gastronomy techniques, fusion cuisine, a bartender course or a carving course.

We want to prepare the youth for the life in the modern information society. Therefore we are transforming the library which has already been computer-based into a multimedia information center. The students using computers in the reading room have an access to the Internet, plentiful and updated library resources by means of computer-based library catalogues.

Our school is interested in cooperation with schools from other countries in order to gain new experience and exchange their knowledge. We hope you will be willing to collaborate with our school.

Cordially Welcome